SST Auto/Speedsport Tuning Performance Upgrades

For most drivers, their cars are darn near perfect just the way they are. But you aren’t like “most drivers.” You see the potential that lies within your four-wheeled beauty. Whether your goal is appearance or performance, functionality or technology, at Speedsport Tuning/SST Auto, our team will help you create the perfect vehicle to express your inner driver.


SST is an authorized dealer for Active Autowerkes, SoftronicPennGrade Oil, Total Oil, JRZ, UnitronicECS Tuning, and AiM just to name a few. We are also an authorized Bosch Service Center.

Upgrade Areas

Whether you’re looking for a simple ECU reflash, or a complete engine or suspension upgrade solution, we can recommend and install the proper parts you need to create your perfect vehicle. Our staff is trained in all aspects of the products we sell, so we can match you with exactly what you need and support you after the sale. Please contact us to discuss your needs!

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