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Since 1985, Speedsport Tuning has helped hundreds of Porsche clients realize their motorsports ambitions. From their very first track day to a weekend at the legendary Nürburgring. From a Drivers Education day at Lime Rock Park to a PCA podium at Sebring and all the way to the highest levels of American professional sports car racing. Our clients have racked up nearly 300 podiums and 200 wins in just the last eight years making Speedsport Tuning the winningest Porsche Club competition shop in the Northeast!

Our Porsche expertise is unmatched. We’re equally skilled at adjusting a Weber carburetor in a classic 911, as we are rebuilding the sequential gearbox in a 997 GT3 Cup car. Speedsport Tuning’s staff of race-tested technicians and Porsche specialists will handle your car with the care that you would expect. We give you that competitive edge from years of knowing and doing what it takes to run at the front of the pack. Whether you need logistics & transport for a season of sanctioned racing, or you are getting ready for your first club race or Driver’s Education event, we’re here to help.

Are you looking to create the perfect track machine? We’ve been building race-winning track cars for 30 years and we have the distinction of building the first Cayman track car in North America. Way back in 2006. Looking for something even faster? Speedsport has been prepping and maintaining winning Porsche Cup cars since 2001.

Spencer Cox is not your typical service facility owner. In addition to being a master mechanic, Spencer has been building race-winning racecars for more than thirty years. But unlike most race technicians, Spencer is equally adept and skilled behind the wheel. In a Cayman built by our own technicians at Speedsport Tuning, Spencer won the 2015 PCA National Championship and, in 2016, won the PCA National Championship in a 997 GT3 Cup. Spencer Cox also has the distinction of both working as a crew member for a Daytona 24 Hour-winning race team and driving in the world-famous 24 hour race himself … in a Porsche of course!

Being able to drive a competition car at the limit gives Spencer a unique ability when it comes to track set-up for our clients. He can quickly diagnose and correct an issue to keep you at the front of the pack. If you want the winning edge, give Spencer a call to discuss your goals.

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Bryan Shute
Director of Racing Operations and Lead Race Technician

Bryan has been leading Speedsport Tuning’s Competition Department for over five years. In addition to his impressive technical expertise and ability to finely tune a racecar, Bryan is responsible for overseeing Speedsport Tuning’s entire Competition Department onsite and offsite operations.

Bryan is a factory-trained and certified Porsche technician who came to Speedsport Tuning after eight years at a top Porsche dealership. He is a UTI Graduate with an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology and a Graduate of the Porsche Training Apprenticeship Program. Bryan is also a member of Connecticut’s Army National Guard. Which might help explain his ability to keep everyone else in the department on their toes.

His favorite car? 1991 Honda Prelude SI

Joe Liuzzi
Racing Engineer

Joe has been a key part Speedsport Tuning’s Competition Department for nearly four years. Like Spencer, Joe also likes to get behind the wheel and has become quite proficient in his track skills. Being able to competently drive a racecar on track gives Joe an advantage when communicating with clients about the car and adjustments that might be needed to optimize performance.

Joe’s automotive background includes a two-year automotive technical degree and he is certified on a diverse variety of vehicles ranging from Corvettes and Subarus to Chevrolet diesels. Joe’s varied background gives him an uncanny ability to diagnose and set-up practically any vehicle that rolls into the Speedsport Competition shop, from Radicals and open-wheel formula cars to vintage Porsches.

His favorite car? Any Porsche Cup car

Kyle Roller
Racing Technician

Kyle joined Speedsport Tuning’s Competition Department in early 2016 after a long history as a skilled automotive technician.

Kyle’s automotive background includes a two-year automotive technical degree and seven years as a certified technician at a large dealership. Kyle enjoys the details of preparing each car perfectly for each unique client’s needs. And then seeing that client go out and set a new personal best effort on the track.

His favorite car? VW Golf GTi

Richard “Diggy” Donnelly
Racing Technician

Diggy has worked for Speedsport Tuning for over four years, first as a “fly-in” technician for racing events and since 2015 as a full-time employee in the Competition Department. Diggy grew up loving fast cars and motorcycles and has been a professional mechanic since he was 18-years old. His past experience as a high-end R.V. and trailer mechanic comes in handy when the crew is on the road for competition events at tracks all the way from Florida to Canada.

Diggy is a certified hybrid systems tester and rebuilder and is the only person in the history of Speedsport Tuning to start off as a porter and work his way up to a full racing technician. In his spare time, he races motorcycles and lives by a simple motto: “Do whatever it takes and no one will ever forget you.”

His favorite car? Porsche 911 Turbo

Are you a PCA member?

We’ve been members and supporters of CVR, NY Metro and XXX for over XX years. We regularly host PCA meetings and seminars and Speedsport Tuning is a certified PCA inspection center. Oh, and Spencer is a Chief Instructor for CVR-PCA.

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