Vintage Porsche Service

In 1978 when Spencer Cox was cutting his teeth on Porsches, the first car he worked on was his dad’s 1965 356. Things have changed quite a bit in the ensuing years but the passion remains. And with his dad’s passing, Spencer is now the caretaker for that same 356.

Today, owners of rare and air-cooled Porsches from across the country rely on Speedsport Tuning’s unmatched expertise. Outfitted with unique tools for special applications, our seasoned vintage department techs work on cars that would make most enthusiasts drool. On a typical day you might find a concours-winning Carrera Speedster and an original 718 RSK parked next to a 356 Outlaw wearing a fresh patina of road grime from a multi-day road race.

Not all of the vehicles we care for our one-of-a kind. But we treat every one with the same uncompromising attention to detail that discerning owners expect. We think of our vintage Porsche department as the perfect blend of hand craftsmanship and modern technology to keep your classic Porsche running as if it just rolled out of the factory.

Ed Lipski
Vintage Porsche Technician

Ed is a longtime Porsche mechanic who has worked for numerous independent facilities. Ed is an excellent fabricator and troubleshooter and enjoys bringing vintage cars back to perfect running order.

His favorite car? Any 356

Bryan Lagas
General Manager and Vintage Service Manger

Bryan joined Speedsport Tuning in 2015 bringing an extensive background in both technical and business aspects of German automotive service. Bryan attended the Wyoming Technical Institute achieving degrees in Business Management, Chassis Fabrication and General Automotive Mechanics. For 18 years prior to coming to Speedsport, Bryan worked exclusively with Porsche, Audi and VW in both client and technical support, including 10 years running his own service facility.

Bryan is Audi Master Guild certified and has been featured in numerous magazine for his automotive builds. He has also worked on a Pikes Peak racing entry and won the grueling Targa Newfoundland in 2013.

His favorite car? 1973-1987 GM Pickup Trucks

Jeff Adams
Vintage Service Foreman and Lead Technician

Jeff Adams has been working on vintage Porsches since high school in 1987, and received his Bachelors Degree in Business Management from the University of Connecticut. Before joining Speedsport Tuning in 2009, Jeff worked in other independent shops and was a lead technician at a large Porsche dealership during Porsche’s transition from air-cooled to water-cooled 911s (993 to 996).

Jeff is one of a handful of Porsche technicians in North America who can rebuild rare Porsche 4-cam engines. Jeff apprenticed alongside first generation 356 dealer Gerry McCarthy who taught him the intricacies of early Porsches including all aspects of chassis work and the fine art of building air-cooled engines. Today, Jeff’s reputation is known throughout the Porsche collector world and his talents are highly sought after. Vintage Porsche owners across the US send their cars to Speedsport due in no small part to Jeff’s skill and expertise. Often parts are no longer available for some of these rare cars and Jeff has developed a network of fabricators, craftsmen and suppliers who can reproduce the original parts.

Jeff is also a Porsche enthusiast, having owned and daily-driven numerous air-cooled Porsches himself, ranging from early 356s to later model 911s.

His favorite car? Porsche RS60 Spyder

Matt Rosati
Vintage Engine Specialist

Matt joined Speedsport Tuning’s Vintage Department in 2014 after five years of technical auto industry experience. Matt has a degree in Business and graduated Valedictorian of class in technical school. Matt also studied high performance powertrains, chassis fabrication, and is a skilled mig/tig welder.

At Speedsport, Matt and is able to put his fabrication skills to work on his daily basis. He has become an invaluable assistant to Jeff Adams and works closely with Jeff on rare 4-cam, air-cooled Porsche engines.

His favorite car? He can’t pick just one!

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